AI and the End of the Human Writer

  • However, there is supposedly freedom on offer for novelists and poets as well. In one of Baron’s scenarios, AI tools provide the divine spark: “Think of jumpstarting a car battery.” But cars start the same way every time, and they really just need to reach their destinations. For writers, trite as it sounds, it’s about the origin and the journey. In the cautionary parable of Jennifer Lepp, as narrated by Baron, the writer is cold-shouldered out of her own writing. Lepp, a one-woman cottage industry turning out a new paranormal cozy mystery every nine weeks, recruited an AI model called Sudowrite as an assistant. At first, Sudowrite helped her with brief descriptions, but gradually, as she let it do more and more, “she no longer felt immersed in her characters and plots. She no longer dreamt about them,” Baron writes. Lepp told The Verge: “It didn’t feel like mine anymore. It was very uncomfortable to look back over what I wrote and not really feel connected to the words or the ideas.”